Year in Review 2016

Welcome to 2017! How’d you spend welcoming in the New Year? A lot of people do “a year in review” at the very end of December but as you know I was re-designing my blog so I kinda ran out of time. This post is a little long so I recommend grabbing some tea and a little snack. Anyways here’s my highlights for my year in review for 2016.


I started the year off with a new passion for blogging. I took a big break during the last few months of 2015; and told myself I would start taking blogging seriously (a.k.a. trying to get more posts up during the month). One favourite post of mine from that month was ‘Tips to keep your New Year’s resolutions’.


I think my favourite post from this month would be my ‘Red Lip OOTD’. At this point in my blogging life I had finally found a background that I liked for my OOTDs (although now I’ve moved on).  I remember thinking the photos turned out great, but looking back there definitely weren’t as amazing as I remembered. I love being able to see improvements in the photography on my blog.


I want to say this month was the start of when I started to see the change and growth of my blog. I still wasn’t making weekly posts, but I was still very proud of the frequency I was posting. My favourite post of this month was my ‘Casual OOTD: Statement Necklace’.

During this month I hit 100 likes on a photo in Instagram for the first time, and now I have over 1,000 followers!!


Everything changed this month for me. I was in the middle of studying for finals when suddenly my phone blew up with notifications from Instagram. I opened them and saw that Addition Elle had reposted a photo of me. It was a total fan girl moment.  My entire family and friends were watching the likes on the photos increase as the day went by. So thankful for Addition Elle reposting my photo.

This month was also the first time Delia Organics got in touch with me. They sent me some of their products to review and a coupon code for my followers (BBCLOVE for 20% off). I had no idea this was the beginning of a great long-term relationship.


This was the first month I successfully posted something once a week. It was also the time I decided to turn off my notifications. 7 months later and I still have them off, I don’t think I could imagine my life if I turned them back on.

Adrienne messaged me on Twitter for the first time this month, we started chatting about doing a collab together. This was one of the first times I had starting actually chatting with another blogger.


My favourite blog post from this month would totally be ‘How Much is my Face Worth’, I don’t do a lot of tags but this one was so interesting! Turns out I spend a lot on makeup #sorrynotsorry.


Another month that totally changed my life.

First, I started making plans Kaitlyn (a blogger from my hometown), to meet up a do a collab.

Secondly, I met up with Adrienne for the first time in Toronto. We didn’t have time to do a collab but we took some pretty photos together.

Thirdly, I went and travelled by myself to Toronto and went to a Dave Lackie event alone. This month was when I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I powered through all the anxiety and was able to meet such amazing people. To this day I’m still floored I managed to do all of this.


I was on my very first (and only at the moment) podcast with Cat. Once again this was something I didn’t think I would ever be comfortable doing. Even sitting here remembering all of this it still blows my mind, I know for some you don’t understand why I’m making such a big deal, but I’m very shy so all of this is something I would have never imagined myself ever doing.

Year in Review image three


I headed back to school for my fourth year, and I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with blogging. Kaitlyn and I both got invited to watch the taping of CityLine, so I headed off to Toronto again right before school started. I did a major review on Kylie Cosmetics (update: my friend’s order went to Australia before it came back to Canada. FYI: if this ever happens to you, 99% of the time it is not the postal services fault but rather  Kylie Cosmetics although they will tell you it’s the postal service. Keep your ground!).

During this month I announced I became an ambassador for Delia Organics! I also took part of a huge collab with a bunch of other bloggers.


I reached 1,000 followers on Instagram!! I actually went out with my friend and I bought myself a mini cake to celebrate. There was a successful giveaway during this month. I definitely want to do more! So make sure you subscribe to find out when it occurs.


Not blogging related but my sisters and friends threw me an amazing surprise party for my 21st birthday. Thank you all again! This is when school really picked up and I wasn’t able to post every week. I did a pretty cool post about 21 things I’ve learnt in life so far. This was also the month I decided I wanted to change up my blog and work on a lot of internal stuff.


Although this was the last month, I think I went out with a bang. I made 7 posts, which is the most I’ve done in a month and it definitely showed me I could do 2 posts a week. My favourite post this month is actually ‘10 Things to Start Doing in 2017‘. I also started a Facebook Page for my blog (come over and say hi).

It was truly an amazing year, and so much happened for the better. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in 2017.


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