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I’ve been doing the same skincare routine for a few months now and it’s done amazing things for my skin. So I thought I’d show the products I’ve been obsessed with for my current skincare routine.

overall with flower


I’ve been using this cleanser for about a year now. My roommate, Steffany, actually introduced me to it. It’s amazing for people with sensitive skin like me. It’s kind of like a gel, but not; and it’s really lightweight feeling. I use this cleanser only at night and in the shower.


You can purchase it at any drugstore. For more information on it see here.


I only started using a toner in the past few years. Honestly I’m not sure why toners are beneficial to your skincare. I use toner in the morning and after I wash my face at night.


You can buy this toner at any drugstore. For more information on it see here.

Acne Gel

As I’m sure all of you know I do have acne. I was introduced to this clearing gel FOREVER ago. And it does wonders for me. It helps control and reduce my acne. I use it at night only and only on the places I need it.

clearing gel

For more information on it and to purchase it go here.


Steffany, who showed me the cleanser, actually introduced me to a Clinique’s gel moisturizer and I fell in love. Sadly it is a little more on the pricier side so I started looking for cheaper options. I came across Neutrogena’s new gel moisturizer. It still is expensive but not as expensive as Clinique. I use this every morning.


You can buy at any local drugstore. For more information on it see here.

Lip Balm

I used to use EOS lip balms all the time but then I came across this one on accident and I love it so much more! It really hydrates my lips.


You can buy this at any drugstore. For more information on it see here.

And that’s all the products I use currently for my skincare routine. I’ve been looking for eye cream but I haven’t been able to settle on one just yet, if you have any suggestions leave a comment down below!


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