Oval Brush Set Review

I felt like one day during the summer I opened up Instagram and everyone was raving about oval brush sets. The majority were dupes of Artis Brushes (which can be pretty pricey). There are several companies out there who are selling very inexpensive brushes that look almost identical to original ones. Such as the company that mine came from. I won this brush set in a giveaway; and I posted a picture on Instagram asking if anyone wanted a review, and a few of you did. So here’s my Oval Brush Set Review! These brushes are from My Makeup Brush Set (I believe this is the site, but I can’t guarantee because I didn’t buy them).



It’s weird using this brush the first time, you have to hold it differently than your normal makeup brushes; although I got used to it pretty quickly. It blended out my foundation well and didn’t leave any streaks. Since the brushes are so thick I could use less product on my face because the brush wasn’t absorbing any of the foundation. The brush didn’t even get that dirty after the application!



On the left is how my face looked before foundation, and on the right is foundation that was applied with a beauty blender (on the right) and oval brush (on the left). I tried to apply concealer with the smaller brush, it was awkward and I couldn’t get in the smaller places like my beauty blender can.


The brush is made out of plastic; so it doesn’t feel very durable. The brush hairs are incredibly soft. When I was using the brush for my foundation I honestly thought there was a chance the head of the brush would snap off. Perhaps it’s something one would get used to, but I’ve used them about 3 times and still haven’t gotten used to it yet.



With the oval brushes I was able to use a much lighter hand and still have it blend out perfectly. I was really impressed with the results from a distance, I couldn’t tell which side I used the brush and which side I used the beauty blender.


When I looked close up I noticed the side with the beauty blender had a little more of an airbrushed appearance. The side with the brush seemed to sink more into my pores. You can see in the photo above the side that I used with the brush didn’t cover my redness as well as the side with the beauty blender.


Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend these brushes. They look really cute in pictures and that’s about all the use I get out of them. I feel like the $30+ would be better off spent elsewhere. Like I said early I’ve only used these brushes 3 times and I’ve had them for several months. I really wanted to like these brushes because of all the hype, but I’ll probably only use them as props in photos.

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  • I agree, I’ve had meh results with this style of brush so far too. The ones I’ve tried for eyeshadow seem easier to use than the face ones, where I find the denseness of the brushes just pushes foundation around instead of helping it sink in like a buffing brush or sponge does.

    • Yes!! I was actually really disappointed with them. I never tried them as eyeshadow brushes but I’ll definitely give them a try.


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