Organize your Life: Makeup Collection

If you haven’t already seen my other “Organize Your Life” post, head over to here to see it. This post is another part of my series of “Organize your Life”, it will focus on 4 tips of how you can organize your makeup collection.

Tip #1: Use Dividers

I used to keep my makeup in acrylic drawers, but I recently switched to keeping them in a drawer. It has become so much easier to quickly grab and see what makeup I have; the only downside is the lack of room. But to keep it all organized, I use these dividers I got from IKEA.


Tip #2: Separate Things According to Products

Organizing your makeup into different products will make the days when you’re in a rush a lot easier. I organize by face, eyes, lips, etc.


Tip #3: Throw Out Your Makeup

Did you know the little mini jar that has a number written inside is actually the expiry date of  the product. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this, I only recently figured this out too. So for this foundation (in the image below), it’s only good for 12 months. But I’m a university student and I can’t really offered expensive makeup every few months, so my motto is: if I don’t actually touch it (i.e. eye shadows) then I can extend the expiry date. So far I haven’t had any bad reactions, but please go with caution if you follow this rule.


Tip #4: Store your Brushes in a Container

When I first started buying makeup I kept the 3 brushes I owned in the same place where I kept my makeup. Which is fine! I bought more and more makeup brushes and suddenly felt overwhelmed, and I didn’t like the idea that my brushes were rolling around in dust. So I bought a cup and I have been keeping my brushes in a container ever since. There’s so many DIYs out there to transform your large Bath and Body Works candle into a brush holder, so you can make one with something you may already have.


Hopefully these tips were helpful! As I enter into my exam season I’ll be posting less to focus on my studies. But if you want to keep up to date with me make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

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