OOTD; Pink Macaroons

edit 4


One of the first things I had to do when I got to Paris was to try macaroons. After a few days of looking around we found this cute bakery called Paul (which actually is pretty popular in Paris) and tried their macaroons. They were amazing! But we did want to try Laudree. Finally we got the time to buy them and hands down they are worth their price! They are so good.


Macaroons obviously come in all different flavours and colours, but I particularly enjoyed looking at the pastel colours. So today I was insipired by the rosey pink colours of the macaroons


edit 1 I wore a pale pink tank top, and stuck with the gold accessories.

edit 3 Adding a blazer always makes me feel a little more Parisian.

edit 2 Completing the outfit with dark washed jeans, made my pastel top pop a little more.



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