OOTD; Picasso Blue



I didn’t actually get to go into the Picasso museum because it’s closed until June for renovations. Though we did have someone explain and show us some of his paintings. If you are unfamiliar with Picasso, he did go through a blue period when all his paintings used a blue palette.

*Painting to the left is his famous self portrait*



I happened to have this blue maxi dress, and thought this would be a perfect time to wear it and be inspired by his blue period.

edit 1 It has been pretty cold, and rainy in Paris so I paired my faux leather jacket with y outfit to keep me warm.

edit 3

edit 2 I keep with sliver accessories to bring out the cool undertone of the dress in my skin. This is a very simple outfit, but very comfy and I got a lot of compliments on it!




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