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I’ve seen this brand in Shoppers Drug Mart for a long time now and their packaging attracted me; but I’ve always associated this brand with body contouring products. Not something I’m in the market for at the moment. Eventually I took the time to actually see what they were selling. To my surprise they sold a variety of skincare products. I picked up the Bee Sting Fix Eye and Glycolic Instant Fix Mask a few weeks back, and I’ve been testing them out since. So here’s my Nip Fab review (well a review for the Bee Sting Fix Eye and Glycolic Instant Fix Mask).

Nip + Fab Review Eye cream and mask image

NIP + FAB LIFT: Bee Sting Fix Eye

The Claim: “A rich eye cream to defend against the look of fatigue.”

Nip + Fab Review bee sting eye cream

I’ve been in the market for eye cream for a few years now. I have pretty bad dark circles that make me look like a zombie when I’m not wearing makeup. I’ve tried dark circle creams in the past but none of them have impressed me to re-purchase them.

This eye cream does exactly what is says…for the day at least. I’ll apply the cream in the morning and my dark circles look significantly brighter and I look waaaaay more awake. But by the time I wake up the next day my circles are back to their zombie like appearance.

Nip + Fab Review bee sting eye cream texture

It’s a creamy texture, and the smells is different. I can’t pin point what the smell is; it’s not annoying but if I could change the smell I would.

So I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a quick fix or are willing to apply this cream everyday. I personally would prefer to spend a little more money on an eye cream that has longer effects after I apply it everyday.

Would I re-purchase it? Probably not.


NIP + FAB SKIN: Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

The Claim: “A high potency, pore-tightening gel mask to perfect and exfoliate the complexion…Gently smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst clearing and reducing the look of enlarged pores. Skin is more even-toned and visually smoother.”

Nip + Fab Review Mask

When I read the claim I was instantly sold. I have large pores, so anything that would help minimize the appearance of them I’ll probably purchase it.

Nip + Fab Review Mask texture

The texture of the mask is very gel like (not much of a surprise there because it is a gel mask); and the smell is a weird smell I don’t mind but if I could I would change it. The product itself is clear, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. I personally prefer when the mask has colour to it so I can see where I’m applying / when it dries.

Overall when I washed off the mask I was extremely surprised how my skin looked. The pores looked smaller and my face looked brighter. It looked like I just put a matte, pore filler primer on. Unfortunately this appearance only lasted a few hours. So if you’re looking for a longer term fix, this isn’t the mask for you.

Would I re-purchase it? No, I probably won’t finish the bottle because I’ll only use it for special occasions. I feel like I can re-create the appearance with a good primer.

All in all I think I needed to read the labels more closely. When I was purchasing these products I was under the impression they would help me long term, rather than a quick fix; so they left me with disappointment. But the products themselves are great, and do what they claim to do!

Have you tried any of the products from the brand? What were your thoughts?


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