Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For Canada Mother’s Day is right around the corner; but for others you may have already had the holiday or it’s still awhile away. A common form of celebration of this holiday is giving gifts to one’s Mother, and for me this has become a little more difficult as the years go on. I feel as though I’ve given her the same thing year after year: perfume (which I figured out my mom doesn’t like after a few years), some DIY gift, flowers, etc.  I was on Pinterest earlier today browsing for a gift idea when I thought I could make a Mother’s Day gift guide to make finding a gift a little easier this year for everyone else.

DIY Gift Ideas

DIY gifts are perfect for last minute, creative, and/or low budget people. I tried to pick out fairly simple ones which you probably could do the night before or even the morning of. No one needs to know you forgot until you saw all your friends post nice messages about their mothers on Facebook.

#1 Personalized Mug

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide Mug

Image courtesy of Micheal’s. For the complete tutorial and more information click here. 

This is a really cheap DIY which looks amazing. After you paint the mug remember to hand wash the mug OR you can bake it at 350 degrees for about 30 mins. Then turn off your oven with the mug still inside and wait until the oven has cooled down (typically an hour or so). If you bake the mug it hopefully won’t wash off in the dishwasher.

#2 Scrabble Art

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide Scrabble Art

Image courtesy of  RKM Crafts. For a tutorial on how to make scrabble art click here.

I mean look at that scrabble art, it’s so cute! It’s perfect if you have an old game of scrabble around, and if not you can buy the scrabble pieces from Micheals or Amazon. For the word ‘mother’ I recommend painting the back of a tile whatever colour you want and carefully painting the white letter in it.

#3 Sugar Scrub

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide Sugar Scrub

Image courtesy and the complete tutorial of the scrub see Reasons to Skip Housework.

Honestly this gift would be perfect for anyone; I mean c’mon who doesn’t want a sugar scrub! For different sugar scrub ideas a simple Pinterest search will help you.

#4 Photo Collage with Letters

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide picture collage letters

 Image courtesy of The 36th Avenue. For a tutorial to create this click here (this isn’t the exact tutorial as I couldn’t get the link to work that went with this image).

This idea would be perfect with the letters spelling out ‘MOM’ / ‘MUM’,  and photos of your mom and yourself and/or your siblings. I’m sure she would love this for years!

#5 Teacup Candle

DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide teacup candle

Image courtesy and a complete tutorial see Sweet Cayenne.

A perfect gift for the mom who is obsessed with candles, teacups, or anything unique.

Gifts to Buy

It’s totally okay if you don’t want to make your mom something for Mother’s Day. Not everyone does well with DIYs. So for the individuals who want to buy something for their mother I have a few ideas. I also recommend with a few of these ideas to get all your siblings to pitch in too to help pay for it.

#1 A Handbag

Mother's Day Gift Guide handbag suggestion

Image courtesy and for other handbag options see Kate Spade (PS: Kate Spade has a specific Mother’s Day guide too).

Has your mom been eyeing a new handbag or maybe a wallet? Why don’t you buy it for her!

#2 Personalized Jewelry

Mother's Day Gift Guide personalized jewelry

Image courtesy of Powder and Jane.

I’m sure your mom will love the thought that will be put into the personalized jewelry just for her.

#3 A Vacation

Mother's Day Gift Guide vacation gift idea

Image courtesy of Huffington Post.

Everyone needs a little break, and what a better way to say “you’re the best mom ever” with a little vacation for her! I’m not talking about a week in Paris (but if you have that planned, do you have an extra ticket for me to have?) I’m talking more about a weekend getaway of where ever you think your mom would love.

#4 Wine, Flowers, Chocolate

Mother's Day Gift Guide wine flower chocolate gift idea Image courtesy of Pimentel Delights.

So this can be a DIY, or you can find a company that actually will put everything together and have it delivered.

#5 Cutting Board

Mother's Day Gift Guide cutting board Image courtesy of Makarios Decor.

I’m not quite sure why moms love cutting boards; but they do. So if you can’t think of anything get her an awesome cutting board from Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day gift guide and it was helpful for you. If you end up getting your mom something from this list tell me! I would love to see how it turned out/ how she reacted.

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