Morning Skincare Routine for Winter

It was 15 degrees a few days ago, and then I woke up yesterday with snow on the ground and outside it was -10 with the windshield. So I guess winter as abruptly arrived. I’ve noticed the past week or so my skin has already started drying up in anticipation of the cold weather. With every new season I try to change up my skincare routine, during the summer I need more oil control whereas during the winter I need more hydration. I actually use way more products during the winter than the summer, so I’ve spilt my winter skincare routine into two parts: morning and night.


Here’s my morning skincare routine for winter time:


I wake up  and one of the very first things I do is wash my face with this cleanser from Delia Organics (review of it here). I love using this cleanser because there is a subtle citrus scent to wake me up and it’s gentle on my skin.



While I let my skin dry (I never pat dry with a towel) I put in my contacts and then apply this eye cream. I recently was gifted this from Delia Organics. Before I was using a drugstore eye cream. I love this because it’s super lightweight so you don’t feel it at all. I’ve noticed it helps keep my concealer on longer without creasing.



Yes, this is the same moisturizer I mentioned in my last skincare routine! I’m still obsessed with it, I think I’m on my 4th one. It hydrates my face and dries quickly and my makeup goes on so smoothly.



After I brush my teeth, I always apply this lip balm. It was also mentioned in my old skincare routine! I’m actually about to run out of it, but I love this lip balm because it keeps my lips hydrated all day. Although now winter is here I’m definitely going to have to buy a second one to keep in my bag.



That’s it for my morning skincare routine for winter. Make sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified when my nighttime skincare routine for winter is up!

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