Little Life Box Unboxing

Little Life Box is a Canadian monthly subscription box, but it’s a little different than the ones I’ve seen around. Little Life Box’s purpose is unique and something I was really interested in because it’s important to take care of yourself. Here’s what this box is all about:

The thought was not just to offer snacks or cosmetics, but to share any kind of product which provide a healthier choice alternative to things we all consume every day.

Taken from Little Life Box

I was asked to share this box with all my readers, but I would’ve shared this box no matter what. October’s box was amazing! To see what’s been in past boxes check it out here, or if you just want to see what Little Life box is all about you can click here.

When you first open it there’s orange tissue paper covering all the goodies and you get a cute little card. It was really well presented and you could tell there was care put in packaging it up.

Little life box - unboxing image 1


You’ll have to excuse the glare from the lights in this photo. I was trying a different location, and it didn’t work out too well.

Little life box - overview of what's inside

Little life box - hygienic items from the box

A fun bonus I got in the box was a coupon code for the next purchase I make with SweetSpot Labs. I’m really excited to try out all these new things; some of them (like the mints and tissues) are a great addition to my everyday life. I didn’t think anything in this box was useless (which is something you may find with other boxes). I honestly want to try out everything here!

If you are interested in purchasing next month’s box click here!


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  • I really like this idea of this box, and with all the subscription boxes floating around, it definitely takes a lot to pique my interest, but I like the idea of a ‘healthy alternative’ and who doesn’t like snacks and treats to munch on? 🙂

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