January Favourites

Oh hey, remember me? I know it’s been awhile since my last post, and I know I said that in my last post too; but January was tough on me mentally. So there were lots of breaks taken. Although I wasn’t very active on my blog or on social media it didn’t mean I wasn’t trying out new products! This January Favourites is going to be mixed with a bunch of lifestyle and beauty things (there’s actually only one makeup product featured this month).

January was definitely more of a difficult month than I would’ve wanted; so self-care was really my main priority. I hope you’ll find something new in my January Favourites.


The first time I heard of this book was from Katy’s snapchat story. She was raving about it and I was in the mood for a new book to read. I was hesitant buying this book because it was poetry and sometimes when I think about poetry I think about the stuff they had you analyze in high school.

January Favourites - milk and honey

milk and honey is a must read for everyone. Rupi Kaur gives a voice for people who haven’t found it yet. I’ve posted the book a couple of times on Instagram (it’s very photogenic). Make sure to read the book in all one go, I feel like you’ll really appreciate it.


I got this Ultrasonic Diffuser for Christmas, it came with both liquid sunshine and refresh diffuser blends. The well-being blend was an additional one I wanted. I love all three of these blends mainly because why I’m in a specific mood or want to be in one I can use that specific one. Although if you were looking for just one I would suggest liquid sunshine.

January Favourites - Saje

I use this diffuser basically everyday, it’s super quiet, small, and perfect for my bedroom. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to feel better mentally than I would totally recommend buying yourself one of these. Or at least checking out their website, I have my eye on their Rose face mist.


I was gifted this product in a giveaway I won from Dave Lackie. The best part about this powder are probably the beads. Super fun to play with and I think it’s a different way to apply your powder. It has a great scent and keeps my face from getting oily. Definitely been a go to this past month!

January Favourites - Guerlain face powder


I was gifted this shaver from Harry’s to try out. The brand is directed towards men, but it’s a shaver and anyone who wants to use one can. I was blown away at how great this shaver works! You know when you put a brand new razor head on and you get the nice clean shave? This shaver does that but it doesn’t disappear after a couple of uses. It comes with it’s own shaving cream and 2 spare razor heads. The one I have is called Winston.

January Favourites - Harry's Razor


If you didn’t know I started bullet journaling in January. Best decision ever. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it (I have a tendency to get bored with things); and some days I did give up but others I kept with it. My goal for February is to really keep with it because it helps me a lot. Bullet journaling is great for literally everything: lists, monthly/daily layouts, brain dumps, doodles, literally whatever you want to put in it you can. I’m thinking about starting to do posts about bullet journaling, so look out for that!

January Favourites - my bullet journal

What are your January favourites??


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*I was gifted the Harry’s shaver to try out, all opinions are my own and are completely truthful


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