Organize your Life: How to Start Planning

Drum roll please!

Introducing my newest series “Organize your Life!”

I know a lot of people’s New Year’s Resolutions are to become more organize, but it can be pretty intimidating. Fear not though for I have created this series to start focusing on areas in your life that could be organizing.

For this post I’m focusing on planners/agendas. I’m not an expert in this area, but what I do really works for me and hopefully for you too. If you want more information or other suggestions on how to use a planner I recommend watching some YouTube videos. There’s a whole community for planner users. So without further ado here’s how to start planning.

 TIP #1

Get a planner you love. Mine is from Kate Spade, and I love it. There are so many different places to buy agendas, so take your time. Buying an agenda you love will motivate you to actually use and bring around with you.


Things to look for in an agenda: 

  1. it has a month overview and weekly/daily overviews
  2. it has an area for notes
  3. it’s made the way you want it to be (i.e. the planner is spiral, binder like, or bounded)

 TIP #2

Use the monthly overview to help plan for future events; this will help you organize your time.

Month I also recommend using washie tape to decorate the month for events that are really important. This will bring your eye’s attention to that event so you won’t forget.

washie tape Suggestions of things to put in the monthly overview: 

  1. birthdays
  2. vacations
  3. appointments/ meetings
  4. due dates for assignments / tests

TIP #3

Use agenda stickers to help organize things in the weekly overview.

all stickers I got these stickers at Michaels, but I’m sure Target or Walmart would sell some.

sticker TIP #4

Sync up your agenda with your phone calendar. This is great for when you’re on the go and you forgot your agenda, or it’s not really travel friendly.

calender Bonus tip: 

Keep a to do list pad beside your bed for when you remember something.


I hope this helps you start your year of organization!

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