Holiday Makeup Look

I really wanted to get this post up before Christmas in case any of you have parties to attend, sorry if you’ve already finished all your parties. I love this look because it’s based on the classic holiday look of the red lip and winged eyeliner, except instead of a bright red lip I’m using a darker metallic red lip.

I’ve always wanted to try metallic lips (mainly because they’ve gotten so popular during the summer) I finally caved and bought myself one. Plot twist: it’s from Kylie Cosmetics. I know, in my last post about Kylie Cosmetics I said I would probably never buy from there again, but when I saw this metallic lip in her holiday collection I just had to.

Overall, this is the best experience I’ve had with Kylie Cosmetics. It shipped out really fast and I got my package waaay faster than my pervious times (especially compared to that time when my lip kit when to the Netherlands).

So here’s my Holiday Makeup Look.


I used Urban Decay’s Naked 2 basic palette to create this look. If you’re still looking for a last minute gift, I really recommend this palette. It’s probably my most used palette mainly because I can take it anywhere because it’s so small.

I used ‘skimp’ all over my lid, and then used ‘frisk’ in my crease. I mixed together both ‘frisk’ and ‘cover’ for my outer corner. I didn’t want to use too much eyeshadow because I wanted the main focus on the eyeliner and lips.

I love the classic eyeliner because you could add glitter on your eyelid for a more festive look.

I then did a winged eyeliner, although I went a little more dramatic than usual. Looking at the photos now my wing looks pretty normal so I would go more dramatic if I was to do this look again.

The last touch was the false lashes from Quo. I probably would’ve went with more dramatic lashes but these natural ones look great with the look too.


I didn’t do anything too special with my face other than adding blush. If you want to see what I did exactly check out my Go to Winter Makeup for all the details. Here are the products I used though:


It was the very first time I used this lipstick. Bonus you’ll get my first impressions! It’s patchy. Like real patchy, you can totally see it on my lip. My recommendations: put on one layer and wait for it to dry. That was my mistake, I was impatient and put a second layer on before the first dried.

My second tip: find a lip liner and use it. I didn’t use a lip liner because I didn’t have any that matched this colour, but I’m definitely going to be investing in one. Do you have any suggestions?

So there’s my Holiday Makeup Look! Will you be wearing this classic look or do you have another look you love?

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