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I remember the first time I realized an extra large from American Eagle (my favourite store at the time) wasn’t going to fit me. I remember the stress of realizing I was going to have to buy something larger. With some research I realized Forever 21 had just released a plus size range. Being a plus size women shopping has always been a little more difficult; just as it would be difficult if you had to shop in the petite section. Everything is so expensive, or they only offer a small selection of clothing. So I decided to share my favourite plus size stores to shop at.

Not  a plus size women? Some of these stores included a “regular” section too. I’m hoping making a list of my favourite plus size stores it’ll be easier for other people to shop. Maybe you’ll find a new place to shop at!

Forever 21 +

As mentioned earlier this is the first place I started shopping at. Their section has definitely grown in the past years, which is amazing to see.

Favourite Plus Size Stores - Forever 21

Jeans / Top / Dress

Why I like them: honestly, they’re cheap and ship REALLY fast. If you ever look at plus size clothing everything the majority are really expensive! As well they are really good at keeping up with the latest trends.

Cons: their quality of clothing is a lower than I would prefer.

Addition Elle

It was my mom who actually introduced this brand to me. They have a really good mix of trendy and professional clothes. They have all ages shopping here which is great because my mom and I can spend an afternoon together shopping.

Favourite Plus Size Stores - Addition Elle

Pants / Bra / Dress

Why I like them: my mom and I can shop together. They also have the comfiest bras, (the t-shirt one is my fav, it’s in the picture above). And their workout selection is amazing. Finally they have fashion dollars so I get to save a ton when it’s time to redeem them.

Cons: more on the expensive side. As well I don’t always find something I like, out of everything they sell I typically only like a handful.

ASOS Curve

This is a newly found brand for myself. I’ve heard of it but I had never tried it out until a few weeks ago.

Favourite Plus Size Stores - ASOS Dress / Top 

Why I like them: they sell a variety of different brands, so I get to discover more. You can find really elegant dress/outfits on here for weddings or a special event. Their products (at least the ones I’ve tried) have great quality.

Cons: They ship all the way from the UK, so it takes forever to get to your door. More on the expensive side.


I found this brand a few years ago, I think it was a YouTuber who introduced it to me. I fell in love with this store because it always has the latest trends. I typically shop here when I need a clubbing outfit.

Favourite Plus Size Stores - Boohoo

T-Shirt / Bodysuit / Dress

Why I like Them: they sell cute clubbing outfits, cute bodysuits, and always have the latest trends

Cons: The sizing can be kinda weird, it’s a hit or a miss. I once bought a t-shirt that fit me PERFECTLY, but then in the same order I got a tank top (in the same size) but it felt like it was two sizes too big. So as long as you’re okay with returns, shop away!

Brands I’ve heard of but haven’t tried:


I had a terrible experience in one of the Toronto store locations. But it was the employee who I had the problem with, not the brand. They sell cute stuff and it’s at responsible pricing.

Here’s their website. 


I believe Lovesick is a sister company to Torrid. They seem to sell similar stuff at the similar prices. I was going to purchase something from here the other day but my total cost was $44.00 and then they wanted me to pay $39.00 for shipping. No thank you. But if I’m ever in the States I will probably check out their stores.

Here’s their website. 

Charlotte Russe

It has around the same price range as Torrid and Lovesick. But what they sell would probably be similar to Forever 21. The reason why I haven’t purchased anything from them is because I am usually able to find something similar at Forever 21, or Boohoo.

Here’s their website.


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Do you have a favourite plus size store you shop at that I didn’t mention? I LOVE finding new places to shop!


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