Evening Skincare Routine

As promised, here’s my Evening Skincare Routine AND a second post of the week. If you haven’t read my first post, I reviewed a Canadian natural makeup brand. Today I’m showing you what I typically put on my face (and body) before I head off to bed.


PS: some of the links in this post are affiliate links; and remember to use BBCLOVE for 20% off your order at Delia Organics. See Disclaimer for questions.


The very first thing I do after I remove my makeup (I use this makeup remover) is wash my face with this cleanser. Yes you’ve seen this cleanser a million times, but I truly love it. It’s super light weight, and has a hint of citrus.

cleanser Delia Organics Dose of C Cleanser


While I wait for my face to air dry after washing it I apply this eye cream. If you remember I was on the hunt for an eye cream and this one is amazing! It was gifted to me from Delia Organics. It’s a gel texture so it dries quickly and doesn’t leave the skin sticky.


Delia Organics Dose of C Eye Magnify 


This is my very first serum that I’ve tried and I’m obsessed with it. It reduces my discolouration from my acne scars and it brightens my face! I’ve managed to get my older sister hooked on this serum as well.


Delia Organics Dose of C Serum


I was gifted this lip scrub from IQ Natural. When I first tried it out I didn’t notice too much of a difference, but I figured it was because my lips don’t get champed. I actually remember telling two of my housemates this, but I totally jinxed myself because lately my lips have been getting really champed. You definitely can see a difference when you use it on drier lips.

My Tip: I love to use this before I put on liquid lipsticks to create smooth lips, and right after I’ve been wearing liquid lipsticks all day (helps prevent my lips from drying up).


IQ Natural Lip Scrub in Cherry


I’ve been using this spot treatment since high school. It’s probably one of the only things that hasn’t changed since my last skincare routine. It’s pricey but totally worth your money. This (and a combination of other things) always helps calm down my face when it’s in the middle of a break out session.


Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel


Technically I don’t use this on my face, I’m mentioning this moisturizer by Egyptian Magic because I usually apply it right after I finish with my face; as well you can use it for your face. It’s a similar texture to vaseline, so a little goes a long way. I tried to apply it to my dry spots on my face (e.g. around my nose) but I found it a little too thick, but it did help. I typically use this on my feet and elbows.


Egyptian Magic Moisturizer

What’s your must have evening skincare item?

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*This post does include affiliate links, and two gifted items (Lip scrub, and Egyptian Magic Moisturizer)





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