Easy Day to Night Outfit

Hello, my wonderful friends! Today I’m sharing my easy day to night outfit. These outfits are for those last minute, I only have 10 minutes to get ready before I meet my friends, moments. As well, they are great if you’re traveling! I used the same items in both outfits with the expectation of swapping out the shirts and accessories. It’s amazing how accessories and a red lip can change an entire look. I will warn you, there is a lot of black happening in these outfits so feel free to swap the black jeans for blue ones or the black tank for a white one.

I wanted to make an easy day to night outfit to show you how simple it is to create different looks with essentially the same items. There’s no reason for you to go out a buy a totally new look when you can creatively use the items you have in new ways. Anyways, you might already have most of these items already floating around.



Sweater: H&M Plus (not sold anymore 🙁 )  / Jacket: Addition Elle (not sold anymore, but here’s something similar) / Pants: Addition Elle / Backpack: Tobi (it’s on sale!!) / Shoes: The Shoe Company 


Jacket: Addition Elle / Tank: Old Navy (not sold anymore, but I bet they will during the summertime) / Pants: Addition Elle / Shoes: The Shoe Company / Purse: Kate Spade (don’t think it’s sold anymore)/ Necklace: Tobi 

My red lipstick is Misfit by Kat Von D (love this lipstick)

Sorry that I had such bad luck looking for these items! If anyone finds similar ones please comment with a link. If you want more posts like this where I’m only using a few items in different ways, please let me know!

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**thank you Tobi for sending those items! They also sent along beautiful sunglasses which I wore literally every day until they broke, but you can find a similar pair here.

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