Delia Organics Review

A few weeks ago I got in contact with the lovely Alicia, who is the founder of Delia Organics. She was kind enough to send me 3 products of her organic skincare for me to review and give my feedback to my readers. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. So here is my Delia Organics Review.

But first here’s a quick history on Delia Organics (which is a Canadian brand):

“9 years ago our Founder, Alicia Brunton, was constantly looking for natural/organic products that would help her with all her skin care concerns. Growing up with acne and the constant battle with breakouts, she had a hard time having a clear complexion. When she finally started studying ingredients and focusing on what would set a product line apart from the rest, Delia Organics was created. Her unique approach to Delia Organics? She can do skin consultations and provide clients with well-educated information on how they can take care of their skin properly and recommend a detailed routine that will get their skin on track to healing and looking radiant. Delia Organics was created to provide a simple yet effective routine for every skin type whether you are male or female.”

The Products:


Berry Buffing Masque // Dose of C Cleanser // Dose of C Serum

 Dose of C Cleanser


This smells so nice; it’s like your rubbing a mix of citrus and oranges and freshness all over your face. This cleanser feels lightweight and my pores actually feel clean afterwards so I don’t have to use the cleanser twice (which I did with my old one). As well my skin looks amazing after I use it. I think maybe it has to do with the Aloe Vera in the cleanser but my skin isn’t as red and it looks bright and clean. I can’t rave enough about this cleanser. I typically use it at night.

Buy it over here: Dose of C Cleanser

Dose of C Serum


I’ve never used a serum before. I actually was thinking about looking into investing in one (they can be expensive!) but I didn’t really know what I should start with. I can’t compare this serum to any other serums, because I haven’t tried others. This serum has a bunch of Vitamin C in it, which is awesome for you skin! I use this only in the morning with my favourite moisturizer afterwards.

Buy it over here: Dose of C Serum

Berry Buffing Masque


Alicia told me how delicious this masque smells, so I was pretty excited; and man was she right. This masque smells as though you shoved your face into a bowl of fresh sweet fruits. It is so fruity and delicious I just want to use it everyday all the time (which I don’t recommend). This masque is a gentle exfoliate and it’ll remove your dead skin for a soft baby smooth like face afterwards. Trust me, my skin is so soft.

 Buy it over here: Berry Buffing Masque

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend these products. I tried them out for about a week to see how my skin would react, and I’m going to keep using these products until I run out. There was no irritation on my sensitive skin and my skin seems like I just had a facial. I experienced this huge breakout during exams and my skin has been clearing up, these products may have helped this but I’m also not under such intense stress anymore.

Alicia was kind enough to give me a coupon code for 20% off your next purchase!

Coupon Code: BBCLOVE

for 20%off 


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*Disclaimer: I was gifted these products and asked to review them by Delia Organics, but these opinions are my honest ones.


  • This is a great review! Love organic products, but I can’t deny that my skin seems to like salicylic acid. I have tried using various serums, but I would be interested in an organic one with more Vit C. I really love my oil cleanser right now, but an aloe one to use afterwards would be nice to calm the breakouts I’ve been having since I’ve moved into a place with opposite climate to where I was from. Is it cream based? Or is it clear?


    • It’s clear, and it REALLY helps with calming my skin down. I honestly feel so much better using organic products on my skin; but I’ve been battling this huge break out so I still use a clearing gel with salicylic acid during the night to help with it. I do have the 20% off coupon so if you end up not liking it you won’t feel like you’re wasting too much money haha 🙂


    • Hello Miki,

      Our products are carefully designed to help with all skin types and concerns. We have a few masks that have salacylic acid in them especially the Clear Sailing Enzyme Masque! It is my little trick at night time 3x a week! My skin looks radiant in the morning and my makeup goes on smoother than if I didn’t use it.

      Let me know if you have specific concerns as I would love to help you out!

      -Alicia Brunton
      Founder of Delia Organics

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