The Cold Shoulder Top

I bought this cold shoulder top a few weeks ago, and I had the outfit all styled in my head but when it came to actually putting in on I kept chickening out. Every time I put this shirt on there was always something wrong with it. But I really wanted to try this shirt out because it would be perfect for summer.

I’ve had this happen to other items I’ve bought over the years. I convince myself to buy it by creating several outfits in my head to satisfy any doubt I would have about not wearing it. But when it came to putting those items on, they never saw the outside of my bedroom.

I was recently contacted by Dia&Co. asking me to step out of my comfort zone and wear that item I’ve always wanted to wear. Honestly, this email couldn’t have come at a better time. I kid you not, I put this cold shoulder top on 5 times and every time I end up changing into else. Even the day before I planned to take these photos for this post I kept changing my mind because I was afraid I didn’t look good!

But now it’s time to wear it out; which I think is the hardest part. This is my cold shoulder OOTD, featuring cropped pants and ankle boots (aka the two fashion trends I’ve been wanting to try but I’ve been too scared to).


Top: Boohoo+

Belt: Addition Elle

Shoes: Call it Spring

Pants: Forever 21+ (not sold anymore, and they aren’t selling anything similar)

Watch: Guess

Rings: Pandora & Flee Market



TIP: if you want to wear something out that you’re a little uncomfortable in, wear it to an event that’s a short period of time. I do this with new shoes all the time. This allows me to feel more comfortable in the outfit but if it’s uncomfortable or I end up hating it at least I only wore the outfit for an hour or so.
I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and wear that outfit/item you’ve always wanted to wear! What’s the worst thing that can happen!?


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