Delia Organics Clear Sailing Enzyme Masque Review

Happy Friday! I’m back with a mini review of my latest purchase from Deila Organics. Yes I have already done another review on a few other products by them, which you can read here. But this time I’m only going to be focusing on one product: Clear Sailing Masque.

Clear Sailing Masque


I’ve been obsessed with masques lately, like everyday I’m using a different one. I actually have a little rotation of masques: 2 times a week with the Berry Buffing Masque, 2 times a week with Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque, and the other three days are for any random other masques I have.

Here’s the little description provided on the site for the Clear Sailing Masque:

“Acne can be a tough issue to deal with. Whether you have acne scarring or you are suffering from blemishes, this masque is beneficial for you. This masque will help brighten, smooth and add hydration to your dehydrated skin. It also has exfoliating properties that will help remove dead skin cells and leave your pores clear with regular use.”

As you can tell by the description this masque was calling my name (I suffer from acne, and scarring). So I had to purchase it.

Clear Sailing Masque by Delia Organics


When I first put it on I noticed the smell. It definitely smells of cocoa butter with mint (had to ask Alicia what they smell was, I’m really bad at figuring out what things smell like). I personally am not a huge fan of the smell but once the masque is on your face you don’t smell it anymore. And by the second time I used it I didn’t really notice it.

Clear Sailing Masque Intrustions

I do really like how this masque only takes 5-10 mins to do it’s thing and it doesn’t get hard or too drying. It’ll dry clear so you know when it’s ready to be washed off. It does claim to have exfoliating properties which I do think it has but if you want an exfoliating masque I would recommend the Berry Buffing masque.

What the Clear Sailing masque looks like

Overall the masque left my skin super smooth, and it seemed to take away some of my redness. It has left my skin looking a lot clearer and has minimized some of my scarring.

Would I recommend it? Yes

If you’re interested in purchasing this masque, or any other products from Delia Organics I have a 20% off coupon code!

Coupon code: BBCLOVE

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**For those wondering I purchased the Clear Sailing masque myself, it was not gifted.

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