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The Cold Shoulder Top

I bought this cold shoulder top a few weeks ago, and I had the outfit all styled in my head but when it came to actually putting in on I kept chickening out. Every time I put this shirt on there was always something wrong with it. But I really wanted to try this shirt out because it would be perfect for summer. I’ve had this happen to other items I’ve bought over the years….

I’m on a Beauty Podcast

That’s right, I’m on a podcast. Since the beginning of summer I’ve come to  love listening to podcasts (one of my favourites is Millennial) so when Cat asked me if I wanted to be on her beauty podcast I freaked out. I listened to her first two episodes and agreed immediately afterwards. She’s made several episodes, and I will be here 8th. If you haven’t already listened to the episode I recommend doing so now! Her…

Armani Joy Breakfast Event

I was recently invited to attend a breakfast event by Dave for the new fragrance release by Armani di Gioia (di Gioia is joy in Italian). It was amazing. This was my  first blogger event, and I still can’t believe I got invited. I will admit the whole time I thought I taking hundreds of photos, but I only took a handful (they were also taken on my phone, hence poor quality). But I hope you still…