Canadian Winter OOTD

I’m officially done this semester, and I’m back home with my family for the next few days. On Thursday my family and I will be heading off to Newfoundland to spend Christmas and New Years with my grandparents. I’ll still be posting when I’m gone (hopefully the wifi will be good); so you’ll have something to read during your break. I also have some really exciting things planned for the next few weeks, there will be a bunch of new posts on my blog AND my blog may or may not be looking a little different in the New Year. Make sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified of all the exciting posts I have planned.

Yesterday there was this beautiful slow motion snowfall that I had to take advantage of and take some OOTD photos. I also haven’t done an OOTD in forever, my last one was in September. I’m calling this a Canadian Winter OOTD because it was in -7 degrees (felt like -14) when I was taking these photos and there was like a foot of snow on the ground. I also feel like there isn’t a lot of outfits out there that will actually keep you warm during the winter.

Canadian Winter OOTD - jacket and scarf  Jacket: Calvin Klein // Scarf: Arie (not sold anymore, but here’s a similar one)

Canadian Winter OOTD - another look at the scarf and jacket

I braved the cold and took off the jacket because I’m obsessed with this top. I mean look at it; it’s so cute and soft and cozy.

Canadian Winter OOTD - shirt and leggingsAt this point my fingers were completely numb, but totally worth it for these photos.  Canadian Winter OOTD - full look at the outfit Top: Addition Elle // Leggings: Addition Elle

Canadian Winter OOTD - accessories  Necklace: Boohoo // Ring: Pandora

Canadian Winter OOTD - snowfall

Do you have anything exciting planned for the holidays?


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