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If you don’t follow me on social media (hint you totally should 😉) then you probably don’t know that I started a bullet journal back in January. A lot of you asked if I could do a blog post about bullet journals since, like me, they interest you and are pretty hyped about right now. The wonderful thing about bullet journals is they give you 100% control over the design, layouts, colours, and what you can include in it. To me there isn’t a right or wrong way to bullet journal, but I wanted to share with you the starting points or at least give you more information about bullet journaling.


There’s actually a whole website about bullet journaling, I really recommend checking it out because it has a lot of information from the person who created bullet journaling. People use bullet journals for several different things, I use it to organize my thoughts, keep track of things, and plan out my life. It’s like everything you would need into one book.

I started bullet journaling mainly because I wanted to be more organized, but every time I bought a new agenda there was also something missing from it. I also loved the idea of starting to keep track of my mood and habits. One day I just woke up and was like “I’m going to start bullet journaling, everyone says only positive things about it and it’s time for me to try something new.”


There are really popular journals that people usually use for bullet journaling (aka Leuchtturm1917) but honestly you can use whatever journal you want to. I’ve seen people use blank paper, lined paper, grid paper, and dotted paper.

I personally use the Leuchtturm1917 with dotted paper.


The tools you use to write in your journal is totally up to you. When I decided I was going to start bullet journaling it was an impulsive decision. So I grabbed the first notebook at Chapters and the first set of pens they had.

The pens I use these Micro Line Pen set. I totally love this set and would recommend it, you get a large variety of pen thickness (which is amazing for writing different font styles). These pens do seep through the page, but not enough to transfer onto the other side, there’s an example of it in an image below.

The markers I use are from Tombow, this brand is pretty popular and so far I haven’t had a problem with them. There’s more colours in a pack than the ones I have below.


You get to put whatever you want inside this journal: you can doodle, you can keep it really minimal, you can make it colourful as a rainbow. The power is in your hands.

I keep life trackers in this journal (i.e. habit tracker, mood tracker, sleep tracker, etc.). Some people keep daily layouts in their journals to help keep track of tasks they need to complete in the day. I have another agenda which I keep my daily tasks in so my bullet journal is home to my monthly and yearly tasks.

HINT: if you see a pretty font / picture online and you think “nope, can’t do that” just print the font out and trace it into your journal! There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you want something in your book you should have it.


I have a Pinterest board dedicated to bullet journal ideas. There’s also an entire community on Instagram about bullet journaling, you can look up #bujo , #bulletjournaling , and #bulletjournal. A few people I love to follow are for all things bullet journal related are: Boho Berry ,  Tiny Ray of Sunshine , and Ink by Jeng.

Do you bullet journal?


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  • Beautifully written love! I was going to order different markers for my bullet journal but the ones you linked are a STEAL compared to what I originally was going to order. Thanks a million 🙂

    • Thank you Belinda!! And I’m glad you found cheaper markers, I was eyeing ones that were like $40+ and then I saw someone else mention these ones.


    • Totally understandable! I’ve been telling so many people about bullet journaling and half of them are like “I really don’t think it’s for me”


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