Black and White Lookbook

I’ve been having the worst time trying to edit things on mI feel like I haven’t done a fashion post in forever; but I’m here today with one! It’s actually a collab with Adrienne, Jianing, Ty, Mikayla, and Kaitlyn. Adrienne thought of this really cool idea of having a black and white lookbook featuring all of us.

Here’s my look:

Black and White 1


Black and white 2 You can’t get the shoes anymore, but these ones are basically the same.

Black and White 3

As well the jacket is originally from Addition Elle, but it’s not sold anymore. Here’s a similar one though!

Head over to Adrienne’s post to see everyone else’s outfit for the lookbook.

Black and White lookbook

Top left to right: Adrienne, Jianing, and Ty

Middle left to right: Mikayla, and Adrienne

Bottom left to right: Myself, Adrienne, and Kaitlyn

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