I’m on a Beauty Podcast

That’s right, I’m on a podcast. Since the beginning of summer I’ve come to  love listening to podcasts (one of my favourites is Millennial) so when Cat asked me if I wanted to be on her beauty podcast I freaked out.

I listened to her first two episodes and agreed immediately afterwards. She’s made several episodes, and I will be here 8th. If you haven’t already listened to the episode I recommend doing so now! Her guests all bring something different to each episode as well they talk about beauty trends, and their favourite brands.

Beauty Podcast

If you’ve ever met Cat you’d know she’s a friendly, bubbly, outgoing, approachable, chatty gal. And she put my anxiety about making a podcast at ease immediately. Despite only meeting Cat once (at the Armani Joy Event) we chatted like we were great friends.

In the podcast we talked about my favourite brands, the psychology of social media, tips of beginner bloggers, and a quote Belinda told that has been stuck in my head every since.

I mentioned a couple of ColourPop shades I recently purchased. Silly me, I got the names all mixed up. Midi (the pinky nude) and Trap (the purplish grey) are the correct names of the two colours I mentioned.

Where you can listen to it:

Mylipaddiction FOR PODCAST




Please go have a listen! It would mean the world to mean. I was so nervous recording it. I was worried about what people would think of me after they heard what I said. Then I realized why should I care!? They aren’t the ones setting out of their comfort zone talking about their passions.

Podcasts are such an under rated thing, but they’re rapidly growing in popularity.

The amount of support around this podcast from the past ladies who have been on it (Dal, Stashy, Kristy, Jodi, Robyn, and Natalie) is something I would have never imagined. So thank you ladies!

After you give this episode a listen, head over to mine or Cat’s twitter to chat with us!

Have you been on a podcast? Do you want to be on a podcast? What’s your favourite podcast to listen to?


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