Armani Joy Breakfast Event

I was recently invited to attend a breakfast event by Dave for the new fragrance release by Armani di Gioia (di Gioia is joy in Italian). It was amazing. This was my  first blogger event, and I still can’t believe I got invited. I will admit the whole time I thought I taking hundreds of photos, but I only took a handful (they were also taken on my phone, hence poor quality). But I hope you still enjoy this overview of the Armani Joy breakfast event!

The Chit Chats

The event started at 9am, I was running late (typical me) but I still managed to arrive a few minutes early. I met the lovely Belinda in the elevator, she’s so sweet. If you have a chance I really recommend heading over to her YouTude channel.

Once I walked into the room there was this a small display at the other end of the room with the two perfumes. The event had a cute subtle beach theme.

Armani Joy Display PerfumeAir di Gioia & Sun di Gioia

Armani Joy display

Armani Joy mini perfumes Air and Sun

After some socializing (people were having photos taken during this time too) we all started heading to our seats for some breakfast. I started chatting with the ladies around me. A few of them who I met were: Carly (who works with, Linda, Cat, Adele, and Maria (definitely recommend checking them out, they’re such nice people).


This is what we were served:

Table setting for Armani Breakfast The Breakfast at Armani Joy

Everything was as amazing as it looked.

After Breakfast

There was a small presentation about the three perfumes (Acqua di Gioia, Sun di Gioia, and Air di Gioia) delivered by Maya. I got to learn some fun facts about the bottles of the perfume. Once the presentation was over we chatted for a little longer but I couldn’t stay much longer as I had to check out of the Airbnb that I was staying at.

What I wore to the Armani Breakfast

The Gift Bag

gift bag

I was beyond excited to see what was in the give bag that was sitting on our seats when we arrived. In case you are curious too, here’s what I got:

Armani Joy Gift Bag Notebook

A blank paged Armani perfum notebook.

Armani Joy Roller Ball Perfumes

Two roller perfume of Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia.

Armani Joy Air Custom Perfume Bottle

The engraved full sized bottle. Honestly every time I see this I get a little excited, I mean it’s a perfume bottle with my name on it!

I quickly wanted to talk about the new category I added to my blog called “My Comfort Zone“.  This new category was inspired from this event actually. Never in a million years would I have thought I would travel alone to Toronto and attend this event. I know for others traveling alone and doing stuff alone is totally normal, but for myself it brought up a lot of anxiety. So to help me push myself out of my comfort zone I thought about recording the adventures in blog posts. This way you can follow along with me!  If you end up liking this idea and start doing it too (or you’re already been doing it) let me know! I would love to follow along your journey too.

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