12 Days of Smiles…Kinda

I was asked by Ashley a few weeks ago to take part of  ’12 Days of Smiles’. The purpose of this is to do something for 12 days that’ll bring smiles to peoples’ faces. Essentially, random acts of kindness. I won’t lie, I was hesitate to agree at first mainly because I was about to go into my finals, and then I knew I had work, and then I would be travelling to Newfoundland; but my little sister convinced me to do it. We actually made a huge list of random acts of kindness (there’ll be a post of this list so make sure to subscribe so you’ll know when it gets published).

Part of me was definitely motivated by my little sister, she is someone who does random acts of kindness without evening thinking twice it’s like an instinct for her. If she can do it everyday why couldn’t I?

All the photos were taken on my iPhone, so sorry for the poor quality.


Loose change in a charity box: I had actually planned a different one for today but my little sister and I happened to stop into the mall that day. We saw a man standing by the Salvation Army donations (which was filled with $5 and $20 bills), I only had a little bit of loose change in my wallet so I gave him all of it. He smiled and thanked us both. I think the best feeling was hearing how genuinely thankful he sounded. Although I probably only donated around $3 he was still so thankful for the donation. Even the smallest amount matters.


Food bank: I actually attempted to buy someone’s coffee this day at Starbucks (almost had a panic attack #socialanxiety, but I powered through and asked). He declined because he had a big order. He told me he really appreciated the thought though. So I ended up donating some food to the food bank at my local grocery store. They even have a list on the outside of the bin stating what kind of food they needed! Although I didn’t get an immediate smile, I know I’m helping someone who needs a little extra food this year. If you’re out grocery shopping you can buy one extra item and donate it to your food bank!


Give a friend a chocolate bar: We were in the middle of exam season, you know that time when you have at least one break down and you can’t remember what makeup is. Yeah, it’s rough. Anyways, my little sister actually suggested this idea to give a chocolate bar to one of her good friends. I had the chocolate bar sitting in my purse for a couple of days before I finally saw her. I think the photo says it all: she really appreciated it!


Hot chocolate bar: this was actually 100% my friend’s idea. She thought it would be a great way for everyone to relax a little during exams. The reason why I’m putting this as one of my days is not to focus on the hot chocolate bar but rather Steffany (my friend). It’s so important to realize the small little things others do and she always thinks of cute little ideas like this. Steffany is such a caring person who will bring you soup when you’re sick or write down all your exams in her calendar so she can wish you good luck. I wanted to say thank you to Steffany for all the little things she has done for me since we’ve met. I don’t think I say thank you enough. Having all our housemates together together to take photos and drink hot chocolate was perfect, and we were all smiling all night!

 Steffany on the left, Heather (my little sister) on the right


Shovelling the driveway: we had a huge snowfall when I was driving back to my hometown, I think it must’ve snowed all morning. We got a few inches of snow so Heather and I decided to shovel the driveway before my parents came back from work. While we were out shovelling we realized it was really light snow so we went and did our neighbours driveway as well.


Gave stranger directions: I think I could probably count on my hands how many times I’ve been asked for directions; and out of those times I think maybe twice I actually knew where they were talking about. Anyways one night I was waiting in my car for my family when someone asked for directions. It wasn’t as sketchy as you may be picturing. We were both sitting in mini vans chatting to each other from across the street. Typically when someone asks for directions and I don’t know where it is so I say “sorry I don’t know” and they drive/walk away; BUT THIS TIME I offered to Google it for them. I think he really appreciated it, and he smiled and thanked me. I also forgot to take a picture of this.


Tweeted compliments: I saw this on a list somewhere (can’t remember) and thought it was a great option. I spent a few hours tweeting some people, basically saying thank you for being an awesome person. When I did this I thought maybe half would see it, and say thanks and move on. I was so wrong. Literally everyone who I tweeted, tweeted back to me saying how much it meant to them that I said what I said. The warmth, and gratitude that was experience in that time was enough for me to keep wanting to do it again and again. It’s completely free to send a tweet and I think it made their days a little better and it sure made my day a lot better.

And that’s all I have. I’m slightly disappointed in myself for not being able to complete all 12 days, it seems reasonable enough. I don’t want to make excuses, but as I said earlier in the post it was definitely a busy time of the year, and I wanted to get it up before Christmas.

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Merry Christmas Eve! and Happy holidays


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